Liggett, Kentucky

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Liggett Kentucky was once a thriving coal mining community located at the eastern terminus of Kentucky State Route 72 in Central Harlan County, Kentucky, about 6 miles from the county seat of Harlan.  Today, little remains of what was once a busy coal camp.  There are still signs that recall the bustling past of the area.  There is still work going on in this area, the day that I was here there were trucks coming in and out and you could see workers moving from buildings to other areas.  Also there was a watch dog that tried to chase my car back down the road.


Liggett Baptist Church is still in operation and growing strong at Liggett.  The church is surrounded by some of the most serene views I have ever witnessed.   To find out more about Liggett Baptist Church you can visit their website  at

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The bridge structure of the bridge leading to Liggett even hearkens back to the days of big coal and company constructed infrastructure and towns.



One thought on “Liggett, Kentucky”

  1. My grandfather, Earl Tye, was one of the founders of the church. He and my grandmother, Beulah Tye, lived just down from the Church and across the railroad tracks, about 75 yards away.

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