Edward R. Talley Bridge, Kyles Ford Tennessee

I have always had a fascination with old metal bridges.  It’s a real shame that as they age, they are being replaced by boring, dull concrete bridges with no character and no uniqueness.  I have to commend the Tennessee Department of Transportation.  While they are replacing this bridge with a boring plain jane concrete bridge, they are leaving the old bridge in tact as a historical feature.


The bridge was built in 1927 and 1928.  It was originally built as a toll bridge.  The bridge is 421 feet long and 20 feet wide as it crosses the Clinch River in northern Hancock County, Tennessee.


Construction of the new bridge is set to be complete on June 15, 2015.



3 thoughts on “Edward R. Talley Bridge, Kyles Ford Tennessee”

  1. I actually write about this bridge in a fiction novel I just started. It’s the scene of a murder/suicide. I haven’t yet decided in which decade the story will take place. I’m only three chapters in. So, it was a real treat for me to search “Tennessee” on wordpress and find you had posted these photos of the very bridge I mention, and that you did so yesterday! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! That entire area is very fascinating to me. I also posted an entry about the old Kyles Ford school that is about a mile from that bridge. Its a very interesting old building that is really what stirred my passion for documenting old buildings and historical structures in the beginning.

      1. I grew up not too far from that area, close to Bluff City, Tennessee and my husband is from Greene county. But I’ve never been specifically to Kyle’s Ford area, so your photos really help with visualizing it. When I lived in Tennessee, I did similar things in photographing old signs and churches. I think I still have those photos up on a flickr account somewhere. I love the area, even the old and abandoned parts of it. I think that’s why my stories, at least in part, take place there. I look forward to your future posts.

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