Brookside, Kentucky

brookside1A couple of days ago I posted a picture of the old Ages-Brookside post office in Harlan County.  Tonight I am posting some pictures more relevant to the Brookside portion of that community.


The old Manalapan Mining Company Building is located next to the former Ages-Brookside post office.



I have read that once upon a time the yellow building in the background was some kind of salloon / bar.





Looking back toward Brookside from Ages Bottom.






2 thoughts on “Brookside, Kentucky”

  1. i’m sitting here crying. gods, i’m so homesick. thank you for this blog, though!! i was looking at some of the dates – and it’s a wonder we never ran into each other because i was out and about taking pictures around the same times you were!

    1. replying to myself … january 29, 2015 … my mother in law had gone into the hospital just a bit before, and we knew she wouldn’t be coming back home. i stayed there with her just about around the clock. the week she passed, i was at home sick with H1N1 flu, of all things – Dr Dahan banned me from the hospital, so i wasn’t there when she passed and was so sick that i wasn’t able to go to the burial. i kind of vaguely remember going to the funeral home to drop off clothes and jewelry, the obituary, and to make sure all the plans were in order (they were; we’d done them at her kitchen table back in december). that was such a rough week, to put it lightly. then later in february with all that snow and cold weather! have mercy! my chorus for two weeks was calling people and saying, “can you come clean off my driveway so i can get out?” LOL

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