Scenes From Williamsburg Kentucky


The Art Deco-styled Lane Theater in Williamsburg, (Whitley County) Kentucky was opened on July 15, 1948 and closed in 1987.  There is a facebook page set up to raise awareness of this beautiful theater in hopes of restoring it to be used in the community.  A group known as the Williamsburg Action Team has taken an interest in this theater and here is what they say on their website about the Lane Theater and possible restoration

The Action Team obtained a $10,000 grant from the Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association to hire an architectural and engineering firm to do a feasibility study and draw up our initial renovation plans and overall budget of $2million dollars.  

Currently plans are under way to complete the restoration of the theatre facade  The Action Team has hired theatre architectFrank Sparkman and Associates  to provide a quote for this portion of the restoration. The Action Team is currently seeking funds to complete this work.



The Depot in Williamsburg on Main Street. This Depot is now homw to the  Whitley County Historical Genealogy Society/Museum.  


Old neon Rexall sign still in use at Maiden Drug on Main Street in Williamsburg.


and Finally, the Whitley County Court House.  The courthouse pictured above is the fourth to sit on this site. Interestingly, the original name of Williamsburg was actually “Whitley Courthouse.


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