Mary Helen Commissary, Harlan County, Kentucky

I have covered this building in this blog and on Facebook before.  I am quite frankly obsessed with this building.  I got concerned over the past couple of weeks we have had nearly 30 inches of snow, and its all been very heavy and wet snow, buildings have collapsed under the weight, including my granny’s old house.  I went to check on this building, which isnt very far from my house, and as you can tell she weathered the storm just fine.

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5 thoughts on “Mary Helen Commissary, Harlan County, Kentucky”

      1. Jamie, I do genealogy and have been working on a lot research from there. I understand how things become distorted, but I read a book called in their own words and it was an oral history project from Harlan. I enjoyed it because it wasn’t stereotypical. There was a bit of folklore in it, but it was mostly personal histories.

      2. Might I suggest a book called Generations by John Egerton. Its probably 35 or 30 years old, but it is a very fascinating read and from what my parents and grand parents have told me a very accurate one.

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