Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society Museum

I’ve noticed this old church for many years its just to the west of Jonesville on 58 off in a little holler that really makes you envision Icabod Crane could have actually galloped around that twisty road Once upon a time. Scenes like this setting is what inspires writers to create engaging stories. There is beauty all around us. It doesnt have to be something fancy and flashy. This church has relocated long ago and now serves as the Lee County Historical and Genealogical Society Museum.

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The Museum is located about 4 miles west of Jonesville just off of US 58 on Old Friendship Road.




One thought on “Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society Museum”

  1. Spent a lot of summers in Blackwater,with my gr ma Emma Osborne Wade in the 50s.Lots of old timey memories. Playing in the Blackwateer creek near the Osborne Cem.
    With some cousins. going to Earl Maness store and getting that good candy. Remembering the things of the old ways ,when someone passed. I was kin to most the people that lived there back then. memories

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