New Boston Ohio Historic Schools


Anytime that I am out exploring a new town I always make it a point to be on the lookout for old schools.  Whether they are abandoned or not, I love to photograph them.  When they are built as stark and commanding as the Glennwood High School was in New Boston, Ohio, its hard to miss them.  In fact, almost impossible.  The huge school sits right near the center of town just off of US 52.  The grounds are well maintained and it has a certain downtown, close knit feeling that you feel in many small towns that have their own community high school.

The schools of New Boston, Ohio have a storied history and a record of academic excellence. In 2008 the citizens of the town of New Boston voted in favor for a proposal for a tax increase to pay for a new school facilities.  Well, in favor of one new school facility.  A new school facility that would replace Glenwood High School, which is pictured in this entry, Stanton Primary and Oak Intermediate


Built in 1912-13, Glenwood High school served the community of New Boston, Ohio for  a century when it closed in October 2013.


The district passed a local levy to build new schools in 2008, and broke ground in April 2011. Once the new school was completed, the existing Stanton Elementary and Oak Intermediate schools are to be demolished and the existing Glenwood High School is to be sold to the South Central Ohio Educational Services Center for $1.



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