Manchester, Ohio


Last week when I took my quick trip up to Dayton I went the scenic route and traveled up to the Maysville, Kentucky area and crossed over and followed US 52 along the Ohio River. It was a very interesting and calming experience to visit this area of the Buckeye state.  I had been through Portsmouth before, but I had never traveled any distance away from the main route through the area, US 23.


One of the small towns that US 52 travels through is Manchester.  Manchester is a village in Adams County, Ohio.  It is one of the oldest settlements in the state.


Manchester was founded in 1791 by Nathaniel Massie as a base to survey the land warrants of American Revolutionary War Soldiers in the Virginia Military District.  This bank of the Ohio River provided a secure site for the last civilian stockade built in Ohio.  The Natural protection of the fortification included marahland to the west and north and the river on the south.  The nearby three islands prvided a safe place for tretreat in dangerous situations and also supllied an area to raise food in its rich bottomlands.  The invention of the steam powered paddle wheel boat allowed the river to become the city’s main source of shipping and commerce in the nineteenth century.  Manchester was an important port of call for provisions:  the export of agricultural products and the manufacture of goods such as pottery, furniture and leather goods.


In 1997 there was a devastating flood and much of the “downtown area” was damaged and many businesses did not reopen.



There are, however several businesses still in operation in the village of nearly 2,500 people including Fifth Third Bank and Blaine Pharmacy.


As well as a great retro feeling drive in, Eat N Treat


The friendly, neighborhood Buster’s Bi-Lo isn’t as lucky.


….and it looks as though it has been closed for some time.


Manchester does sport a very active and beautiful waterfront.  Complete with recreational facilities.


and if you want to go shopping, you’ll probably have to get it from the local dollar store.


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