The Former Beckham Bates Elementary School In Letcher County, Kentucky

Beckham Bates Elementary School located along state route 7 in the Colson community of Letcher County just north of Whitesburg first opened its doors to students in 1961.

Beckham Bates Elementary School

On December 21, 2011 the Letcher County Board of Education voted to close the school as the enrollment had fallen to under 200.


Finally in May of 2012 on the last day of school, Beckham Bates Elementary School closed its doors to students after 51 years of service to the community.


Today the school is home to Appalachian Service Project where volunteers board during their stay in the mountains.


It is also home to the Colson Head Start center.  Where pre-K classes are held.


The usage of the building might change, but in the driveway the sign with the name Beckham Bates lives on.


As well as on the right side of the building near the main entrance.



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