Trammel, Virginia 24289


Trammel, Virginia, was a coal mining town that was built by the Virginia Banner Coal Corporation in 1917. The last spike of the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway, which was completed in 1915, had been driven near here.  Trammel is located in southern Dickenson County along state route 63 just north of Dante.  Trammel is one of the most intact coal mining towns remaining in Southwest Virginia and the most intact remaining in Dickenson County.


In the 1970s the company that owned Trammel went out of business and became an estate.   In 1985 the town was auctioned off piece by piece.  Luckily most of the residents were able to buy their own homes.


As you can see there isnt a whole lot left in Trammel.  Many of the houses are dilapidated and abandoned.  The Post Office at Trammel opened on October 8, 1919, and closed on November 16, 2002.  the zipcode was 24289


One thing that does remain is the shell of the old Company Store.  The Virginia Banner Coal Company Store to be exact.


As you can tell this building has been abandoned for many years.






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