Man Community Hospital — Man, West Virginia

One of the coolest and most mysterious abandoned buildings that I have ran across my travels has got to be the Man ARH Hospital or Man Community Hospital building located in Man, Logan County, West Virginia.


The Hospital was one of ten hospitals constructed in 1954 by the Miner’s Memorial Hospital Association, who built hospitals scattered throughout eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia.  including the hospital in Harlan.


According to local stories the Man Hospital was built upon the remains of an ancient Indian village that existed from 1450-1550 A.D.


In the 1960s The Miner’s Memorial Hospital Association announced plans to close many of the hospitals.  Soon after a new non profit group, which would later become Appalachian Regional Healthcare was formed and purchased the hospitals.


In 1986 the name of the hospital was changed to Man Appalachian Regional Hospital.


In early 2000, ARH announced the closure of the hospital due to funds. The community though, kept the hospital running. Even when ARH was working on closing down the building, many fought to keep it open.



Many even went to court in hopes of having the hospital longer and to keep it from shutting down. Sadly, they were turned down and the hospital was closed in 2001.


In February of 2009 plans to demolish the Man Community Hospital were made public despite on going plans from Logan County to use the newer part of Man Hospital as a Level 5 Trauma Center.

Man4 (1)

Man2 (1)

Man3 (1)

Community Leaders made many attempts to reopen.  Logan Bank & Trust even delayed forclosure proceedings on the property.


Sadly on May 1, 2009 the facility suffered a small fire and the months leading up to the fire and the months after the building suffered a lot of vandalism.  the building was beyond repair and became a public safety hazard.


In 2011 materials began to be removed and demolition was soon to follow.


I visited the site in September of 2012 and the site was completely demolished and cleared by the summer of 2013.


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