Robbins Chapel School — Lee County, Virginia


Robbins Chapel is a small community located on state highway 606 between Keokee and US 421 in Lee County, Virginia.   Oddly enough if you search for Robbins Chapel School on Google Maps, someone has tagged it and the school does pop up in it’s accurate location.

Photo Courtesy of Terra McDavid
Photo Courtesy of Terra McDavid

The school was constructed in 1959 by the Lee County Public Schools.  The school opened to students in January of 1960.

Robbins Chapel Yearbook
Photo Courtesy of Terra McDavid

The school would remain in operation until 1970 when the Lee County School Board voted to close the school.  This is the shortest lifespan of any public school building I have ran across in my travels and research.  10 years is a remarkably short life for such a building that was built out of brick and concrete.

Photo Courtesy of Terra McDavid

Photo Courtesy of Terra McDavid

Over the years the school fell victim to vandals and time and things such as windows, doors and the sign above the entryway have deteriorated.


Today the building frame still sits in the valley off of Reeds Creek Road.


The windows and doors are gone, as is the “Robbins Chapel School” sign that sat on the covered entryway.


The building is on private property and no trespassing signs are posted.


I can see a ton of similarities between this building and the building of the school that I have taught at for the past 8 years.  Which is also in Lee County and was constructed in 1953.


the brick color is the same, as is the tall windows



Special thanks to those who messaged me with information about this building and its history!  Especially to my facebook friend Terra McDavid who’s information and pictures really helped me out.


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