Buckeye School — Bell County, Kentucky


Today I got out and decided to visit a couple of old schools in Bell County.  One I not only visited, but also got inside.  The other, Buckeye School located in western Bell County was much to my surprise completely gone.  Buckeye School was located on State Route 92 between Pineville and Williamsburg.


Buckeye closed at the end of the 1989 school year.  I originally had thought (assumed) that the school closed when Cubbage and the other schools did, but apparently Buckeye had closed much sooner.  Which makes it pretty amazing that the building stayed standing and empty as long as it did.  Thanks to a few readers who provided this information!  Buckeye2

Luckily, I had taken some pictures of the school in 2008 from the exterior.


Now, the school is nothing but a memory.   As always, if you have any information to add to this entry, please message or comment.


6 thoughts on “Buckeye School — Bell County, Kentucky”

  1. I began teaching/coaching at Buckeye in 1980. I also attend Buckeye from late 50’s to 1965. The school closed in May 1989. In fall of 1989 the remaining students were transferred to Lone Jack, Bell Middle, Bell High and Pineville. Lone Jack became a K-6 school with the opening of the new Bell Middle which no longer exists.

    1. Thank you very much for the information! I was way off, I can vaguely remember when Cubbage closed because I have family there. I assumed that this school closed at the same time. I have updated the entry to reflect the information you gave me. I am a teacher as well. Third grade in Lee County, Virginia

  2. The last class to go through Buckeye was 1987-88. I was in that class and was in 2nd grade. My Grandmother and Mother both taught there. It was the hub for that community for years.

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