Jolo Grade School — McDowell County, West Virginia


When you drive in to McDowell County from the southwest from the Grundy, Virginia area you ascend the Tug Valley from a top a mountain on state route 83.  As you travel to the bottom of the valley from Paynesville toward Bradshaw and Iaeger, the first “town” you come to is Jolo.


Now there isnt a whole lot to see in Jolo, West Virginia.  Its your typical unincorporated small community in a coal mining area.   However, there is a pristine exampe of a vintage New Deal era school construction alive and well up on a hillside from the highway.


There is that fancy art-deco like font that has been found on many other schools from this era in McDowell.


Jolo Grade School was constructed in 1939 by the Public Works Administration.


The school closed sometime in the mid 1990s when students were then consolidated into Bradshaw Elementary less than 5 miles away.  This building now serves as a community center.


4 thoughts on “Jolo Grade School — McDowell County, West Virginia”

    1. thank you for your feedback. I dont put the zipcode in there, wordpress does that automatically. Must be something on their end. Appreciate the feedback though!

  1. My mom, younger sister and 3 aunts taught there. My 2 sons attended that school for 3 years before we moved from McDowell County.

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