Mill Creek School — Grayson County, Virginia

Located at an elevation of about 3,200 feet high up in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia’s Grayson County is what once was Mill Creek School.


This school is located right on the northern side of what is now US 58, or the Highlands Parkway several miles east of the community of Mouth of Wilson Virginia.    From the looks of the previous picture I found on the Rugby, Virginia facebook page, dated 1953, at some point the school has been remodeled and had one side of the big windows replaced.  I believe this to have been a two room schoolhouse.

                                                            Mill Creek School — Grayson County, Virginia — 1953

Like most counties around this area,the 1960s brought along progressive movements in rural education and these smaller schools were closed as larger more centrally located schools were built.


Back in 2008 the school still appeared to be in fairly good shape.


Sadly the quality ofi my pictures from this visit arent that great.  I think I had a 5 Megapixle Canon back then and on top of that these are saved from compressed photos that have been hanging out over on Myspace for 7 years.   I hope to go back by Mill Creek School sometime soon when I am traveling to North Carolina.  That way I can do an updated set of photos and really give this gem the attention it deserves.


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