Beech Grove School — Harlan County, Kentucky

Just about anyone who lives in Harlan County or has lived in Harlan County knows the name Frank Brittain.   Frank Brittain received his elementary school education in this little one room school.


My dad has said time and time again, that Mr. Brittain was the best teacher he ever had.  In 1929 Frank Brittain began his career at Beech Grove School located in Mary Alice in Harlan County, Kentucky.


And although Mr Brittain was long gone from the classroom by the time I came along his legacy of six decades of service lives on to this day.   Now there is a Frank Brittain Hall of Fame dedicated to outstanding students and student athletes in the Harlan County School System.


As far as I know, and I definitely could be wrong, but this is the oldest standing school building in Harlan County. I have no clue as to when this school was closed.  I do know that there were much larger schools at Elcomb, Bardo and Yancey prior to the opening of Elzo Guthrie in the early 1950s.


P.S.  if you search for ‘Beech Grove School, Harlan Kentucky’ on Google Maps it comes up…..but its not labeled in its exact location.


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