Ewing Elementary — Lee County, Virginia

Seeing as how I have spent the past eight years working in the Lee County School System and my weird fascination with old schools and former schools, you would think that I would know more about the history of this school that closed in 2012.   But, alas I have come to realize that my knowledge of this school is pretty limited to the end of its existence.


Located high on a hill along-side old US 58 in Ewing is the former Ewing Elementary School.  Ewing is one of the western-most settlements in the state of Virginia, almost at the Cumberland Gap.


I’m assuming, that like many of the other elementary schools in Lee County this building was constructed in the 1950s.  The building design is a bit of a shift from the other schools in the district constructed in that era.  Could be in part due to its location on the hill.


Back in 2012 Lee County was faced with some severe cuts in federal and state funding.   The idea of consolidation was thrown around for a few months.  It was kind of a shock to me when they announced on July 17th that the board voted to close Ewing instead of nearby Elydale.   Ewing had 185 students vs Elydale’s much smaller enrollment of around 100.   However, this was later explained by a board member that Ewing was closed instead of Elydale because the building was in need of repairs and was in worse shape than Elydale.


Only July 17th 2012, the Lee County Board Of Education voted to close Ewing along with Stickleyville and Keokee Elementary Schools.  Ewing’s 185 students were divided among Rose Hill and Elydale.



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