Piketon Grade School — Piketon, Ohio

With this entry, I am stepping a bit out of my regularly covered area of Kentucky/Virginia/West Virginia and Tennessee and heading north into the Buckeye state.

Piketon, Ohio is located in southeastern Ohio along US 23 between Portsmouth and Chillicothe.  PiketonGradeSchool

I cant find a whole lot of information about this school other than this building was constructed in 1925.


Replacing a previous second street school that was originally constructed in 1837 at a cost of $3,700.  An addition that doubled its size was built in 1873 at a cost of $4,000.


More information on the early schools of the Sciotio Valley School District can be found HERE


I’ve visited this school twice.  Once in 2011, when I discovered it totally by accident while traveling to Michigan and again last summer in June.


As you can tell, the grounds were a bit more well kept in 2011 versus the first pictures which were taken in 2015.


You have to appreciate a good fan shaped window over a door.


And the tower is absolutely stunning on this building.


This is a rather large building length-wise.




But as you can see, very narrow.


Im pretty sure I could have gotten inside this building through this door had I tried.

piketon11hYou have to appreciate the attention to detail the designer and architect paid to this building in 1925.


Upon a little bit of research I have discovered that this area of Ohio is a hot-bed of abandoned and re-purposed schools.   The area is definitely on my list of places to explore more.


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