Hutch School — Bell County, Kentucky

Hutch School is probably the first abandoned school that I ever noticed as a kid.  It’s not too far from my home and we frequent the road by it and have for years.


Hutch School is located on State Highway 217 about 7 miles northeast of Middlesboro.

Photo courtesy of the Kentuckiana Photo Archive

The school was built by the WPA in 1936.



Today the school stands adjacent to a neighborhood church and has for as long as i can remember.


The schooi is built of stone and I guess that has helped keep this school in such good shape.


Today Im not sure what the church connected next door uses the school building for, or even if they do.


I have no earthly idea as to when this school closed.  As I stated at the beginning of this entry, its been closed as long as I can remember… At least to the 1mid to late 1980s.  As always, if anyone reads this and has information on this school, feel free to comment!




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