Fairview School — Greene County, Tennessee


Fairvew School was located on Snapps Ferry Road several miles north of Greeneville near Afton, Tennessee.   It is a classic example of a rural one room school.  Thankfully, the building is still standing.


A couple of weeks ago a co worker of mine, at my real 9 to 5 job spoke to me about this school and told me I needed to go down to Greene County and get some pictures of it.    A couple of days later, she came back with her own picture she had snapped of it and I was sold.  I had to see it.  Thanks for the tip Nila!


I took these pictures several days ago and Ive been itching to post them, but I didnt want to post them without a story.  I mean, my goodness, the last story I posted included the grounds being used as a Civil War hospital.


Sadly, I couldnt find a nice historic story for this building.    I did find that the school probably opened around the turn of the century and closed in the 1950s, probably when the new school at Newmansville was completed.  A school that is also now abandoned and will be covered on this blog at some point this week.

But for now, back to Fairview….


The old church pew really fueled my waffling back and forth as to whether this building was a church or a school.  The fact that the building is also next door to a church also had my suspicions fed that it might have been a church instead of a school.


I was finally able to cross reference some other postings and other sources on the web and this structure has been identified as the Fairview School.  I have no idea why there was a pew on the front porch.


A front porch that is really in need of some attention or it is going to detatch itself from the rest of the building.


I really wish there was some way that this building could be placed on the National Register of Historic Places and restored to its former beauty.


2 thoughts on “Fairview School — Greene County, Tennessee”

  1. The old church pew on the front porch of Fairview school was probably from the the 0ld Fairview Cumberland Presbyterian Church which use to be across the street from the school next to the cemetery.We decorated today and took pictures of the school.we use to get water from a pump next to the school to water the flowers when decorating.Enjoyed your pictures of the schoolMy family members have been decorating the cemetery for 90 years that I know of.So we have seen the school change through the years.Lots of stories for us in this area.Again really enjoyed your pictures and information. Jan Teinert

  2. I visited the spot in the Fall of 2017 with my 3 small children. I was itching to do something with them unique during their Fall break, and they were actually ecstatic to see this, to say the least. It was a real beautiful place. I can only imagine what it looked like in its heyday. I visited again in January of 2019 and there was snow on the ground. There are not too many places in Eastern Tennessee that are abandoned and don’t have NO TRESPASSING signs plastered everywhere. Great site. As a professional photographer, it’s a dream.

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