Clinch School — Hawkins County, Tennessee


The Clinch School is something of an anomaly in the current public education structure, in this part of the country at least.  This is the former Clinch School, a brand new structure to replace this one was built a few miles on down the road back in 2009.  The new Clinch School serves approximately 150 students in grades K-12.  It has the distinction of being the smallest school to serve grades K-12 in the entire state of Tennessee.


The Clinch School originally opened in 1938.  Built as a public works building the school was the first in the Eidson area of Hawkins County to provide education past Grade 10.


Prior to 1938 students from the remote area of the county had to go to school at Rogersville to go past 10th grade.


As you can tell, the  building is signed as “Clinch High School”.    This building was used until the end of the 2009-2010 school year when the new building was completed.

The site of the former school is largely abandoned now and the grounds are unkept.

The new school currently serves 140 students in grades K-12.

In this time of school consolidation and the thought process that bigger is better, you have to commend the people of Hawkins County and the community around this school for fighting to keep their school in operation.



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