Old Hancock County Ambulance Service Building –Sneedville, Tennessee

When I was planning my little trip down to explore around this part of Tennessee I had looked at Google Maps and topophography maps and found this building.  At first I thought I had stumbled upon a former school building.


This building is located on the southside of Sneedville on Main Street, also known as state route 33.


Im still not entirely convinced….however, I am apt to believe that this building once served as the Hancock County Hospital prior to the new Welmont hospital that opened in Sneedville in 2005.


More recently this building served as the headquarters of the Hancock County Ambulance Service.  That organization has sense moved to a more modern facility nearer to the new hospital.

As you can see access to the building is readily available and the back side of the building is not secure.


And sadly the building has fallen prey to vandalism and just general deterioration over time.


Its almost as if this place just closed up one day and no one came back the next and just decided to leave everything behind.

As usual if you have any information to add about the history of this building please comment or message & thanks for reading.


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