Four Mile School — Harlan County, Kentucky


The Fourmile (Four Mile?)  School was located near the intersection of US 119 and Kentucky 840 Just to the west of the cities of Harlan and Loyall.  FourMile

I can’t find a definite opening date for this school, but some of the architectural cues tell me that it was probably constructed in the 1920s.  The tall windows and the fact that it was built out of brick and not stone tells me that it probably was constructed pre-wpa era.  I also found this picture on blogger that denotes it as being taken at fourmile school circa 1924.  That photo can be found by clicking HERE.  Also, the Harlan County School System has a nice little feature on their website focused to former schools in the county.  A photo of the Fourmile School was uploaded there and it is attached below….



I have no idea who owns this building but I would absolutely love to go inside of it and document its existence.  These photos really show the poor condition of the roof and these were taken before the massive snow storms we had last year in this area that collapsed roofs all over the county.


I also can’t find a definite closure date for this school, but my best inclination is to think that it probably closed around 1966 when nearby Loyall High School was turned into a strictly K-8 facility when James A. Cawood High School opened.


As always, if you have any information or stories about this school or building please feel free to comment or message me!  Thanks for reading.


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