Lover’s Leap — Patrick County, Virginia

Lover’s Leap is located about 10 miles west of Stuart Virginia in Patrick County on US 58.  StuartVA

I never realized how many Lover’s Leaps there are in the United States until I started writing this blog.  I counted at least 27 just that I found alone in the few minutes I was researching and trying to find the one located in Patrick County.  LoversLeap3

The original story, shared with lots of places known by the same name, has been lost over time. There is a version that tells of two young Indians that were forbidden to marry because they were from warring tribes who leaped together to their deaths. Another version tells of a settler and an Indian maiden, separated by prejudices, and still another claims that the doomed couple were from feuding mountain families. LoversLeap2

Regardless of the legend…..the view is spectacular and one of the best in the entire area, albeit, US 58 is as crooked as a cats hind leg, winding and curving its way up to Lovers Leap between Stuart and Meadows of Dan.




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