Old Clinchco Post Office — Dickenson County, Virginia

Back at the height of the coal boom in the early part of the 20th century Clinchco had approximately 3500 miners in the town alone.


This is the only coal company building still remaining in Clinchco and at one time or another housed a bank, barber shop, company offices, printing press, school rooms, mortuary, and post office.


Today, Clincho is a shell of its former self.  The school has closed but the post office remains in operation at a different location.


One thought on “Old Clinchco Post Office — Dickenson County, Virginia”

  1. Toured Clincho and this remaining building in August 2016. Very surprised it hadn’t already fallen in. We took photos of the elementary school just prior to its demolition. My father’s family grew up near Clincho on Nealy Ridge and some of the Counts family members were coal miners in Clinchco. We appreciate the historian in you. People don’t realize the importance of capturing photos of buildings and towns which will all one day be gone just like Clinchco.

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