Pre Winter Road Trip Day 1


Today was a full day, a very long day.   I started out in Harlan and headed down 119 finally ended up turning west toward Whitley City on 92 enroute to document the old Whitley City Elementary.


From Whitely City I traveled south on US 27 through Scot County, Tennessee.   At the community of Elgin I turned West on State Route 52 making my way toward the historic colony of Rugby.


If you have never heard of Rugby I suggest you research it and possibly take the drive down there.  It’s a real treat and I will have a full blog post about the colony up in a few days.


Right on the outskirts of Rugby is this very interesting old general store, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Cool photo op huh?challenger

How is that for cool?


Then on the way through Clarkrange (btw as I drove through this place called Clarkrange I immediately flashed back to my old World of Warcraft days LOL)   I stopped at the Cumberland Mountain General Store for a piece of their world famous fudge and a lucky rabbits foot.



More tomorrow!



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