Pre Winter Road Trip: Day 2

Today has been another exciting and long day of traveling and sight seeing.  I started out from my hotel in Pigeon Forge this morning and headed east toward Dandridge.  My first item on the list this morning was the amazing abandoned Dandridge Elementary School.DSCN0156

From Dandride I got back on I40 and went on into Western North Carolina.  I had to do some photography work this morning but after that I was exploring all kinds of neat stuff!



My first thing to explore in North Carolina was the old school at Fines Creek.  This is an amazing structure!

This building is still occupied by various community offices.
Beaver Dam School

The next stop was Beaver Dam School.  I really want to live in this building!  cant wait to get the pictures and go through them.

Lenoir, NC

I went to Lenoir with the intentions of exploring the old mall….which has been sealed shut…but exerior pictures are to come….I found this old cinema completely by accident!

Lenoir Mall

Does this Belk look familiar to anyone in Harlan?  It should, this was the Harlan store’s twin!


Finally at about 530 I rolled into the hotel for the night.  You cant really go wrong with the Red Roof Inn.


After unpacking I went to Ikea and roamed around.  Seems like a cool store with a little bit of everything.

After Ikea I met my friend Mike, who lives in the area.  Hes one of my fellow retail geeks who I have known for a couple of years now, but just now met face to face.  He was a great host!  Enjoyed exploring Carolina Place Mall (which I keep wanting to refer to as Carolina Circle Mall, a mall that was in Greensboro but has been gone for about 15 years now) and then we went to a hole in the wall chicken place called DD Peckers Wing Shack.   I highly recommend it!


More to post tomorrow.  I gotta get some sleep.280_1545

So, goodnight from Charlotte, North Carolina.


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