Pre Winter Road Trip: Day 3

Today I traveled from Charlotte to Greensboro and up through Rockingham County to explore a few places that I had on my list.  It was a good day.  I spent the day with my friend Michael from Cary.   My blog is heavy on covering abandoned buildings such as schools and post office buildings etc.  But I also have a deep fascination with retail and dead or dying malls.  Today was pretty heavy on the retail scene.  Enjoy!

Now for a few shots from today.  Full blog posts will come later.


This shot was taken at Oak Hollow Mall in High Point, most definitely a full blog post will be up soon.


The old Mill of Guilford in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.


Belk in a mall so dead they sealed their mall access off.


Belk in Eden, North Carolina….this store looks exactly like the Belk in Harlan did when I was a kid.   The store is closing after the first of the year.


Finally the Eden Drive In


and last but certainly not least the Rockingham Theater.

Such a great day!  Heading out bright and early in the morning, hoping to take a bit of a scenic route home to explore some more uncharted ground betwee here and home.  It’s been great North Carolina, until we meet again in the spring!


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