Pre Winter Road Trip: Day 4

Hornaday Road at Gilford College Road in Greensboro, North Carolina

Many of you know that I use to live in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Most dont know this ironic fact about that move though….when I moved there I rented an apartment on West Market Street…which happens to be US 421.  US 421 happens to be one of the two main roads through my home town of Harlan.  It was very weird to me that I could move almost 300 miles away and still be on the same road.

Interstate 40/US421 at Greensboro, North Carolina

Today, I done something I had wanted to do since 2007 when I first moved to that area, I drove US 421 the entire way from Greensboro back to Harlan and saw some interesting things along the way that I cant wait to share over the coming weeks on the blog.  For now, here is a little preview:


The Liberty Theater in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina


Old service station in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.


an old WPA school I found in Mountain City, Tennessee.  dont know much about this one yet, but I will definitely be researching it.  The building is now apparently some sort of community center.


Shady Valley Elementary School in Johnson County.  This building was completed in 1936.

and last, but certainly not least, my Harris Teeter store brands I stocked up on in North Carolina before coming home.  I miss Harris Teeter so much.




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