Westchester Mall / Providence Place — High Point, North Carolina

I refer to this as the mall that time and the Triad forgotten.


The Westchester Mall opened to the public on Wednesday, April 22, 1970.  The mall was the first enclosed shopping mall in High Point and was anchored by Belk, JC Penney and Thalhimers ( a regional department store that operated in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, that would eventually become Macy’s)   A photo of that store can be found by clicking HERE


The mall remained a viable shopping destination until 1995 when Oak Hollow Mall (another dead mall that I will be covering on this blog in the coming days) opened up a few miles away and took with it JC Penney and Belk, leaving the Westchester Mall anchorless.


Today the mall is called Towne Centre and is home to a couple of churches and a beauty parlor.  The mall is also connected to an assisted living center called Westchester Village.





One thought on “Westchester Mall / Providence Place — High Point, North Carolina”

  1. I have been perusing the internet searching for nothing in particular, just whatever comes to mind, when I decided to see if I could find anything about the old Westchester Mall in High Point. I grew up in High Point and remember being 6 years old and going to the mall with my parents shortly after opening. I believe that must have been when I developed a lifelong fascination with enclosed shopping centers. I thought it was huge at the time but by today’s standards, it was really quite small. All through the ’70s my mother visited the mall countless times (until Four Seasons opened in Greensboro in 1974) and we divided our time between the two. I even had a school painting displayed in the mall when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I have scoured the internet searching for the possibility of any pictures of that painting which I don’t know what happened to it. I really have enjoyed your blog and thanks for the opportunity to share some memories.

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