Cumberland Mountain General Store — Fentress County, Tennessee

The Cumberland Mountain General Store in Clarkrange, Tennessee has became one of my favorite oddities that I have ran upon in recent years out on the road.


The store is located about 19 miles north of Crossville on US 127.


Inside you will find everything from vintage license plates to classiv vinyl records to tacky bumper stickers.  (FYI this place loves rebel flags and duck dynastyesque merchandise)  In the back of the store you will find a true vintage 1950s soda fountain and believe me, this place was packed out.  customers ranging from what appeared to be local farmers, to men in suits to people like me who appeared to have been in the car all day.


When researching this place and scoping it out to visit on my trip, I kept reading about their famous peanut butter fudge and other home made candies.  I had to try them.  They are definitely in the upper echelon  of candies that I have tried.  I highly recommend a stop inside the Cumberland Mountain store if you ever find yourself traveling through Clarkrange and Fentress County.


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