Fines Creek School — Haywood County, North Carolina

Fines Creek is one of the first communities you come across when you cross into Haywood County, North Carolina coming from Tennessee.


In 1926 Fines Creek Township and a portion of White Oak were consolidated into a special school-taxing district. The new district gave pupils access to one of the five standard high schools in Haywood County. Districts were numbered without regard to Townships. At the same time a bond issue of $30,000.00 was voted to erect a high school in Fines Creek. It was opened in the fall of 1926.


In 1947 Mark M, Ferguson replaced Norman James and Jim McElroy replaced Herman Holder on the committee. At that time, the enrollment was 496.  Of those students 114 were high school and 381 were elementary students.


There were 19 classrooms including the library, The faculty was composed of 15 teachers, ten of whom had finished high school at Fines Creek in the last ten years, graduated from college, and then came back to teach at Fines Creek.


Fines Creek High School survived until 1966 when the high school was taken to Tuscola at Lake Junaluska.


One grade at a time classes were taken to Waynesville Middle School until there were only four grades left in 1994.


A new elementary school in Crabtree serving Crabtree, Iron Duff, Fines Creek, Panther Creek and White Oak was completed.


At that time the four remaining grades in Fines Creek were moved.


The Fines Creek community now has a twenty-year lease from the Haywood County commissioners on the two school buildings and the cafeteria



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