Pennrose Mall — Rockingham County, North Carolina

This is the second dead mall that Ive covered in this blog in Rockingham County.  This mall is pretty much hidden away in the town of Reidsville about 20 miles north of Greensboro.


Once again, Im not going to go into a big detailed write up about the mall’s history as I feel my friends over at Sky City have already done a fantastic job of doing that.  I will mention a few basic facts though:

  • The mall opened in the mid to late 1960s  With 1965 and 1968 being mentioned
  • The mall opened with two anchors, Roses (which remains today) and Winn-Dixie.
  • The Belk-Stevens opened in 1969 or 1970 and was added later
  • JC Penney later replaced the Winn Dixie in 1986 and closed in 2001

If you are interested in a more in depth discussion of the mall’s history and some more great photos check out the Sky City blog by clicking HERE


Hibbitt’s closed here in December of 2014.




They havent bothered taking down the sign inside the mall or outside the mall yet.


As I mentioned before, JC Penney opened here in 1986 and closed in 2001.


You have to give the mall owners credit for at least half decorating for Christmas.



You have to wonder, with the current state of the mall


and Belk no longer providing Mall access from their store…


if this might be the last Christmas these decorations are used at the mall.


As you can tell, lighting wasnt something the mall management was wasting money on during my visit.  The corridor leading down from Roses to Belk was very dark and not climate controlled either.


The Hallmark store appears to be a fairly recent vacancy as well.


But as you can tell, just as with the Hibbitts, the sign is still up inside the mall and out.


This Roses has been in operation here since the late 1960s.  Probably one of the oldest in the chain.


The Roses was pretty busy on this day.


As I stated before, Belk(Stevens) opened here in 1969 or 1970.  There is no longer access to this store from the mall as these doors are closed.


With the way Belk has been closing smaller town stores, it really wouldnt shock me to hear of this stores closing in the near future.
Belk -- Pennrose Mall -- Reidsville, NC

Oddly enough, just before we came to this Belk we were at the store closing sale at Eden Mall….Christmas merchandise was 30% off there….It was 65% off here… Thats the kinda thing that makes you go hmmmmm?
Belk -- Pennrose Mall -- Reidsville, NC

They have updated this store at least a little bit, when compared to the Eden Mall store.
Pennrose Mall -- Reidsville, NC

As you can tell, in this shot, this mall isnt in the best of structural condition.


And Belk has that little bitty entrance for the entire store.  It makes it feel like a closeout center or something.


And I question the structural integrity of that awning to be honest.




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