Macy’s (former Hecht’s) — Greensboro, North Carolina

First Ill give a few bullet points about this store and it’s history

  • Opened in 2002 as Hecht’s
  • Became Macy’s in 2005
  • Located on Hornaday Road but its proximity to the Wendover Avenue Shopping area promted locals and even store officials to refer to this as Macy’s – Wendover
  • Closed for the last time on March 21, 2015
  • The other Macy’s in Greensboro is located at Friendly Center a mere 6 miles away.

This store still holds a place in my heart.  When I moved to Greensboro in 2007, the previous year my best friend had left a very specific type of leather jacket at a restaurant and to no avail was unable to get it back.  Flash forward a year to the Christmas of 2007 I was living a couple of miles from this store and decided to go in and see what I could find him for Christmas.

Macy's -- Wendover, Greensboro, North Carolina
Macy’s (Wendover) as it appeared days before its shuttering in March 2015

So long story short, I bought a replacement jacket for my best friend here.  Flash forward to 2015 and shortly after the new year it is reported that the Macy’s at  5410 Hornaday Road in Greensboro would be one of several closed in the spring.
Macy's --Wendover, Greensboro, NC Macy's -- Wendover, Greensboro, NC
Macys -- Wendover -- Greensboro, North Carolina
Macy's -- Wendover -- Greensboro, North Carolina
I visited the store on March 17th, 2015. By then the selection was mostly gone, the second floor had been closed and about 60% of the first floor had been roped off and all the merchandise had been consolidated to the middle of the store.

Flash forward to the weekend of December 12th and I was in Greensboro again.  For old times sake I had to stop by and grab a few shots of the Wendover Macy’s.  Enjoy.

Former Macy's -- Greensboro NC Former Macy;s -- Greensboro, NC
Former Macy's -- Greensboro, NC Former Macy's -- Greensboro, NC

If you are interested in more photos of this store from when it was in business I highly recommend checking out my friends over at livemalls and their facebook page.  They have a whole ablum dedicated to the Macys on Wendover.   You can access those photos by clicking HERE


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