Jackson Mall / Cumberland Regional Mall — Williamsburg, Kentucky

The Cumberland Regional Mall is located in the town of Williamsburg in Whitley County, Kentucky along US 25W.  This was another big mystery to me.  Ive noticed this mall for years.  There is literally no information or pictures available online about this mall or its history.
The mall was originally opened in 1977 and anchored by TG&Y and Food World.

Family Dollar is now in part of the former Food World


This building was originally TG&Y, later McCroy’s, until that chain closed.  Walmart opened here in 1987.  Im thinking thats about the time that this mall changed its name to Cumberland Regional.  The Walmart remained until March of 1999.

Radio Shack sign is still on the outside.



Today the mall is basically comprised of a couple of restaurants, a parole office, a pawn shop, an indoor bouncy house and a nail salon.  There was a theater here until around 2010 called Movies Five.wp_20160102_004-2_23769552589_o
wp_20160102_005-2_23841691020_o The Mall was laid out with two anchors on each end and 2 corridor entrances. This is the mall entrance nearest to the Food World. wp_20160102_006-2_23769532529_o
One of the few businesses open in the mall was this pawn shop and the Mexican Restaurant next door.
wp_20160102_007-2_24029231192_o At least they still decorate for Christmas….even if the Santa is a tad creepy. wp_20160102_008-2_24054715991_o
This is a church now. Im thinking something like Shoe Show or possibly even Cato would have filled this space in the past.
wp_20160102_009-2_24054707451_o wp_20160102_011-2_23510497433_o
wp_20160102_012_24137307735_o This tree was placed in the corridor nearest to the TG&Y / Walmart wp_20160102_013-2_24054673441_o
wp_20160102_014-2_24029171842_o Another one of the few traditional mall businesses, a nail salon. wp_20160102_015_24137281415_o
wp_20160102_016-2_24029155392_o The GOLD of the entire exploration, the walled up mall entrance from the former Walmart! Walmart closed here in 1999 when they opened up a super center near I 75. wp_20160102_020-2_23769419069_o
wp_20160102_023-2_23510409803_o wp_20160102_024-2_24029108762_o
wp_20160102_025-2_23841540010_o Im pretty sure this fancy fountain is not original. wp_20160102_026-2_24054581781_o
wp_20160102_028-2_24029079642_o This is the rear of the mall. wp_20160102_029-2_23841510440_o
The entrance from the rear side nearest to the former Food World.

The mall does have a more recent claim to fame.  It even made the Huffington Post when a Chinese Restaurant at the mall was caught using road kill for their entrees.  Yummy.  That article can be found by clicking HERE

As always, if you have any more information about this mall please feel free to contact me or comment. Special thanks to my friend Bobby Peacock for helping me piece together the history of this mall!


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