Impossible Project Polaroid 600 Experiment

I didn’t make New Years Resolutions this year, per say…..I did however make a list of 12 goals. One of those goals was to buy some project impossible film for one of my Polaroid 600 cameras and take pictures with it. This week I was able to mark that goal off my list. I love the feel, the excitement and the anticipation of having a camera that shoots out your end product before you are able to see it. I would love to take more of these photos, however at an average of 25 bucks for 8 exposures…..I have to say, I won’t be taking a whole lot of these pictures. I did however order a new package of film today…..this time Im going to try the full color film with the colored frames. That outta be fun!
Old Bridge -- Harlan County, Kentucky Dodge Challenger

Railroad Tracks in Harlan County, Kentucky Harlan, Kentucky

Martin's Fork Lake My Cat, Tom


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