New Year, New Toys.

In preparation of my massive road trip out west that I am taking this summer Ive been picking up some new gadgets and gizmos.  Today I received the first of three, yes three new cameras that I have picked up for this trip.  This one today, was the cheapest of them.  I needed a good, cheap pocket sized camera to take into places that wouldn’t be too bulky.  I picked up this sony cybershot 12.1 mp with a 8gb memory card and the case for 16 bucks on ebay.  Seems and feels like its barely been used at all!
Sony Cybershot 12.1 Sony Cybershot 12.1MP
And finally, the other gadget I picked up and ahve received already is a dash cam. Ive wanted one for a while and I thought it would be neat to have on a cross country road trip. Love the video quality, the audio is horrible, and I was listening to a bunch of nonsense apparently haha. But here is a video that can be watched by clicking on the thumnail.  This is traveling US 421 as you enter the bluegrass state south of Harlan. Enjoy, and thanks as always for reading!
I got a dash cam!



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