Virgie High School — Pike County, Kentucky

Virgie is located in an extreme southwestern part of Pike County close to the Letcher County border along state highways 610 and 1469.

Virgie High School first opened its doors to students in 1939.  The school mascot was an the eagles and the school colors were blue and white.
Virgie High School - Virgie High School In 1990 Virgie High School would graduate its final high school graduating class. The following year high school students from the area would attend the new Shelby Valley High School.   When Shelby Valley opened its doors from the merger of Virgie and Dorton High Schools, the new school took the mascot of Dorton, the wildcat and the school colors from virgie, blue and white.Virgie High School -- Virgie, KY
The school building was then used as a middle school for a number of years. By 2009 enrollment had fallen to 264 at the school and plans were being made for construction of a new consolidated K-8 school to be located near the high school. That school would mean the closure of Robinson Creek Elementary, GF Johnson Elementary School (which I will have more information about in this blog in a later entry) and Virgie Middle School.
Virgie High School -- Virgie, KY Virgie High School -- Virgie, KY

Virgie High School -- Virgie, KY Virgie Middle School closed at the end of the 2012-13 school year and Valley Elementary, Pike County’s largest school opened its doors that fall to more than 1,000 students. A link to a news story covering that first day can be found by clicking HEREVirgie High School -- Virgie, KY


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