First National Bank of Iaeger, West Virginia

Iaeger WV The First National Bank of Iaeger was founded in 1918 in the McDowell County town of Iaeger.Iaeger, WV
The First National Bank Of Iaeger in West Virginia printed $287,830 dollars worth of national currency. That is a pretty standard output. However, some types of currency from this bank could still be rare. This national bank opened in 1918 and stopped printing money in 1930, which equals a 13 year printing period. That is actually quite brief in terms of bank existence. During its life, The First National Bank Of Iaeger issued 4 different types and denominations of national currency.


3 thoughts on “First National Bank of Iaeger, West Virginia”

  1. I’d like to correct my previous statement about Dr. & Mrs. Dove. They did not have children living with them at the time that my grandparents lived there with their 3 children. My father and his siblings were the only children living in the Iaeger Bank Building converted apartments. What an interesting fun childhood they had!

  2. I just came across this post while looking at old pictures of Welch, WV. Thank you for this trip down memory lane.

    I graduated from Iaeger High School in 1969. I recognize all those pictures; auditorium, football field, the Iaeger Cubs mascot, etc. Both Welch and Iaeger were (relatively speaking) bustling places in the 1960’s. I went to college and my family moved away. The next and last time I was there was 2001/2002, when I went to a Iaeger High School reunion. By that time, Welch was a ghost town, but to my surprise, Iaeger was still a vibrant place. It is sad but not surprising that eventually the decline that father time has caused that area eventually caught up to Iaeger.

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