Lomography Fisheye Photography

One of my new years goals for this year was to buy a pack of Impossible Project film for the old Polaroid 600 and use it.  That one goal has lead me on quite a few tangents already this year as I have discovered the joys of true film photography.

One of my ventures in film photography so far this year has been with the Lomography Fisheye Camera.
Lomography Fisheye 35mm Camera This camera is very small and almost looks like a toy. As you can see from the photos that follow, this is no toy and provides a crisp, clear photo that really impressed me. All of these photos were taken using the camera above and fresh 100 ISO Lomography brand film. The film was processed and prints produced by Willow Photo Lab in Willow Springs, Missouri. They did a fantastic job, were very well priced and completed the order with prompt service. I cant say enough good things about them! I highly recommend them. Lomography Fisheyeisheye”>Lomography Fisheye   Fisheye Lomo
Fisheye Lomo


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