Lucky 8 Edition Impossible Project Film

When I first started diving into Polaroid photography and discovered the Impossible Project line of film a few variants of the film made an impression on me and I knew I had to give them a try.  One of those variants was the Lucky 8 edition.
Lucky 8 Impossible Film The standard pack of Lucky 8 film is 7 deep metallic red frame color prints and 1 metallic gold print. Lucky 8 Impossible FilmLucky 8 Impossible Film I was very happy with the way these photos developed for the most part. With a few I did attempt to get a more distressed result. The first 10 seconds after a polaroid pops out of your camera is very important. I usually am very careful to put them in my pocket or turn them over on their sides. With this batch of film I attempted to be a little “rough” with them during this time to see the varried results. Lucky 8 Impossible Film
I like the way this photo turned out. The “rough” handling gave it a bit of character.
Lucky 8 Impossible Film But if the distressed look isnt what you are going for, the film is also perfect for giving you vibrant colors and sharp retro feeling images as well.
Lucky 8 Impossible Film

Lucky 8 Impossible FilmLucky 8 Impossible Film
I thoroughly enjoy using Impossible Project Film. It allows me to explore new shots with old scenery and to be honest a lot of times, you just never know what you might end up with. The results vary and sometimes they arent good. But others they are simply stunning.


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