The L&N Open Truss Train Bridge in Cawood Has Left The Building

abandoned railroad bridge//
It’s always a shock when you are driving along a road that you’ve traveled your entire life and all of the sudden a huge landmark is completely missing. That’s what happened to me today as I drove past Cawood. I looked over, like I always have, to peer at the rusty trusses of the old railroad bridge that crossed the river. They werent there. The bridge is gone. I had to turn around and drive down the lane to where you could access the bridge and sure enough, the bridge was completely gone.
Site of truss railroad bridge -- Cawood, KY//
Of course, what blog entry would be complete without a little history lesson. So for those of you interested, here goes. This bridge, as well as the one at Neff was built by the American Bridge Company in 1910. This rail line remained active well into the 1980s. Once it was abandoned the bridge was retrofitted as a pedestrian bridge to carry foot traffic to a community park. I remember an article in the paper last year where the county wanted the railroad company to sign the bridge over to the county or they would abandon it or something to that effect. Apparently the two couldnt come to an agreement.
These truss bridges are quickly becoming a very rare find. I hate to see another one go, especially so close to home.


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