The Smallest Kmart In The World — Peru, Indiana

Continuing with my obsession with Kmart and keeping the memory alive, during my road trip through the heart of North Central Indiana, I managed to visit several Kmart stores.  The most notable of those was this location in Peru.

Kmart -- Peru, Indiana
Coming in at just over 28,000 square feet, this is the smallest Kmart left in operation in the entire 600 +/- store chain.   This store opened for business on September 18, 1975. There are a couple of stores in small towns, particularly in the upper midwest and mountain west that are nearly as small as this store.
Kmart -- Peru, Indiana To give you an idea as to how small this store is, the average Walmart Super Center is nearly 170,000 square feet. This store at 28,000 is basically the size of a small grocery store. Kmart -- Peru, Indiana
Kmart / Sears this week announced another round of store closings, including 49 more Kmart locations. Thankfully, this little relic wasnt included on the list and lives to fight another day.


18 thoughts on “The Smallest Kmart In The World — Peru, Indiana”

  1. Actually the smallest Kmart is Red Oak IA and it is 39,798 Sqf. It has the BIG Kmart logo

    Peru IA is actually 40,165 Sqf.

    1. We’re in Indiana, not Iowa. Been to Peru Indiana Kmart many times, enjoyed shopping there because they had things that Walmart didn’t. Thanks Kmart.

  2. Glad it’s staying in Peru. Since Sears and KMart left in Logansport and I hear the Lafayette Sears store is closing, that only leaves Walmart in Logansport and I seldom go in there, too many steps, So I appreciate KMart in Peru for occasional shopping.

  3. This small K-mart is on the closing list with the operations to conclude in late March. Some things I will miss about our: it was the only place in the Circus City to purchase the larger stuff that the three DG’s and farm store did not carry. When I visited them last year and picked up DNR guides, the clerk mentioned that the store sold several hunting and fishing licenses. It likely is located close enough to establish a boat launching ramp to the Wabash! The Mississinewa Reservoir / State Recreation Areas are located not too far at all from the store.

  4. I have worked in this store 35 years. Could not have been to long before this pix was taken that they removed “the BIG” from big k. We are now closing on March 26, 2019. It is a sad day for our associates and community

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