Ricoh GX200: I Finally Got U

One great thing about technology and the technology market is the fact that, even though new technology is expensive when it is first released, you can wait a few years and get that same equipment for a fraction of the original cost.
Ricoh 200GX When I first developed an interest in photography I researched the different brands of cameras.  I wanted to find a camera with an excellent reputation that could deliver excellent results.  There were a few that stood out.  I ended up going with a Canon and never regretted that decision.  One of the deciding factors in my chosing the canon was the price.  I stumbled upon a brand of a camera that is quite populat with commercial photographers known as Ricoh.  I had never heard of the brand.  Apparently its about as top of the line as you can get.  But with a price of approaching 700 dollars I knew the Ricoh was way out of my league. Ricoh 200GX
Flash forward to a late Friday night on ebay at home. I stroll across the Ricoh GX200 bundled with the wide angled lens for less than 1/10th of the original price. I went ahead and treated myself.
Ricoh 200GX The first thing I noticed about the Ricoh camera is how well built and sturdy the camera is. It doesnt feel flimsy or cheaply light. Ricoh 200GX
Another really cool feature of this camera is the fact that it has dual power sources. You can either use the lithium ion battery or you can use two AAA batteries.
Ricoh 200GX All of these images are completely untouched and unedited. Ricoh 200GX
Ricoh 200GX//
The ebay time machine allows me to induldge myself once again. If you are an amatuer photographer and you enjoy creative photography, I cant suggest this camera enough.
Ricoh 200GX//

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