U.S. Post Office — Partridge, Kentucky

US Post Office Partidge, Kentucky
The US Post Office for the community of Partridge, Kentucky is located about a mile and a half from the Letcher / Harlan County line on an old alignment of US 119. Partridge is about 5 miles north of Cumberland on US 119 and about 18 miles south of Whitesburg in Letcher County.

U.S. Post Office — Eolia, Kentucky

US Post Office -- Eolia, Kentucky
Eolia is one of the south eastern most communities in Letcher County, Kentucky. Located about 10 miles south of Whitesburg and 15 miles north of Cumberland, the community is also home to Arlie Boggs Elementary School.
US Post Office -- Eolia, Kentucky

US Post Office -- Eolia, Kentucky

Smith’s Grove, Kentucky 42171

US Post Office -- Smith's Grove, KY
This place has always fascinated me. Not because it is some big interesting town or a place with a neat back story. Its always fascinated me because I live in Smith, Kentucky, and this is Smith’s Grove, Kentucky. Kind of like Harlan and Harlan Crossroads, which is another community I will cover in the blog later that is located near Tompkinsville in Monroe County.
US Post Office -- Smith's Grove, KY
Smith’s Grove is located in rural Warren County. The town was incorprated on March 21, 1872.
Smith's Grove, Kentucky Smith's Grove, Kentucky

Melvin, Kentucky 41650

Melvin is a small community in Floyd County, Kentucky located along state route 122 near its intersection with state route 466 about 3 mile east of Wheelright.
US Post Office -- Melvin, KY US Post Office -- Melvin, KY

Wayland, Kentucky 41666

Wayland, Kentucky is located in Floyd County along highway 7 south of Martin.

Post Office -- Wayland, KY
The Post Office at Wayland was first established on May 18, 1914. Wayland was incorporated as a sixth class city in 1923. The population of Wayland peaked at the 1940 census at 2,888. Today the population is a little over 400.

Drift, Kentucky 41619

Drift, Kentucky is located along state highway 122 between the towns of Martin and McDowell in Floyd County.
Former Post Office -- Drift, Kentucky
The post office at drift was first established in 1909. The origins of the name DRIFT are unclear, but many think that it was named for a local coal mine or after driftwood found in the nearby left fork of Beaver Creek.

The United States Postal Service discontinued service at the Drift Post Office on September 12, 2009.