Limestone Railroad Depot — Limestone, Tennessee

Limestone Depot -- Limestone, Tennessee Can’t really find a lot of history about this building beyond the basics. Limestone Depot -- Limestone, Tennessee
The building was built sometime in the 1800s by the Southern Railroad. (later Norfolk Southern) I haven’t pinpointed an exact date, but there was a depot in Limestone before the civil war. I have found sources who claim the Limestone Depot was destroyed twice during the war.
Limestone Depot -- Limestone, Tennessee Comparing the shots I took Saturday with some that are posted on Flickr that were taken in 2013, the last 5 years have been very rough on this building and it has went down hill very fast.


Brookside Elementary School — Sullivan County, Tennessee

Brookside Elementary School was located in the Bloomingdale community of Sullivan County, Tennessee just north of Kingsport.
Former Brookside School -- Bloomingdale, Tennessee Sullivan County has been prone to school consolidation over the past several years. These consolidations have not came because of declining population, but mostly due to annexation by the city of Kingsport. In 2009 this specific community, Bloomingdale had 5 schools operating as part of the Sullivan County schools. Now there is one elementary school (K-8) and one high school which itself has became center of consolidation discussions for the better part of the past decade. Former Brookside School -- Bloomingdale, TN
When Brookside closed at the end of the 2011/12 school year there were 233 students enrolled. Those students were moved to Ketron Elementary a couple of miles away the following year.
Former Brookside School -- Bloomingdale, TN

One Last Visit: Sears In Their Final Days at Fort Henry Mall

Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport, TN
Can we all just agree right off the bat that I am just a big weirdo? A big, sentimental, nostalgia obsessed, incredibly handsome weirdo? As more and more Kmart and Sears closings have been announced over the past 12 months I have raced over the Midwest and Southeast trying to document these stores and give them a footnote in a very small chapter of a minute subject of our human existence. None of the stores, save for the Kmart in Corbin is or was more dear to my heart than the Sears at Fort Henry Mall.
Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport, TN
Just after it was announced that this store would be closing i went over and visited and wrote up a blog entry covering the history of the store. That entry, along with photos from the visit can be found by clicking  on this link.

Sears — Fort Henry Mall — Kingsport, Tennessee
Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport TN The Sears at Fort Henry Mall will close for good at the end of the business day on Sunday March 26th. Sears -- Kingsport TN
Sears -- Kingsport TN Sears -- Kingsport TN
Sears -- Kingsport TN
At the time of this visit, with only three days left in business the attached auto center had already been closed for business and the signs removed.
Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport, TN Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport, TN
The Package Pick Up area was busy with people picking up fixtures that they have bought from the store.
Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport, TN If I was a betting man I would bet that this spot could very well become home to the tri cities area’s first Dunham’s Sports store. (although if I had my way it would become home to the areas first At Home store). Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport, TN
Hull, the company that recently purchased Fort Henry Mall appears ready and willing to do what it takes to reinvigorate the mall and have stated changes are coming to the mall as early as this summer. The company (Hull) also seems to have a knack for filling vacated mall anchor stores with Dunham’s or TJ Maxx.
Sears -- Fort Henry Mall -- Kingsport TN

College Grove, Tennessee

College Grove is an unincorporated community about 25 miles to the west south west of Murfreesboro on US 31A in Williamson County, Tennessee.
College Grove, TN
Williamson County was formed in 1799 and College Grove was one of the earliest settlements in the county. In the 1880s, College Grove had “100 residents, with three cotton gins, two corn and saw mills, two general stores, and a wagon maker

Loy Memorial Methodist Church — New Market, Tennessee

This church is located in the New Market community of Jefferson County, Tennessee about 20 miles north east of Knoxville.
Former Loy Methodist Church -- New Market, Tennessee
The church was organized and built in 1908. In 2016, 108 years after the church opened its doors, the building began a new life as an art gallery known as the Gray Dove Studio.

Abandoned Asheville Highway Hotel

Abandoned Hotel -- Knoxville, Tennessee This building had caught my eye the last time I was in this neighborhood over a year ago.  It is located at 4620 Asheville Highway (US11E) in Knoxville, Tennessee Abandoned Hotel -- Knoxville, Tennessee
I went back and decided to hop out and grab some pictures as it appears they are prepping the building for demolition.
Abandoned Hotel -- Knoxville, Tennessee Apparently the church located behind this former hotel has bought the grounds. Enjoy. Abandoned Hotel -- Knoxville, Tennessee

Abandoned Hotel -- Knoxville, Tennessee Abandoned Hotel -- Knoxville, Tennessee

Parks-Belk — Jefferson City, Tennessee

A lot of times when I go exploring in unfamiliar towns I pre-explore on google maps.  Last night I was “driving around” in downtown Jefferson City, Tennessee and spotted this:
Old Parks-Belk -- Jefferson City, Tennessee The most recent street view was dated 2014 so I was excited and curious to find out if the remnants of the old Parks-Belk sign were still exposed. Luckily, as you can see, they were! Old Parks-Belk -- Jefferson City, Tennessee
I cant locate any information about Parks-Belk in Jefferson City. So if anyone has any idea of a closing date, pass that along, that would be awesome. This building has been recently sold and there are some revitalization efforts going on in the town. This sign’s days are probably numbered.
Old Parks-Belk -- Jefferson City, Tennessee