U.S. Post Office — Partridge, Kentucky

US Post Office Partidge, Kentucky
The US Post Office for the community of Partridge, Kentucky is located about a mile and a half from the Letcher / Harlan County line on an old alignment of US 119. Partridge is about 5 miles north of Cumberland on US 119 and about 18 miles south of Whitesburg in Letcher County.

U.S. Post Office — Eolia, Kentucky

US Post Office -- Eolia, Kentucky
Eolia is one of the south eastern most communities in Letcher County, Kentucky. Located about 10 miles south of Whitesburg and 15 miles north of Cumberland, the community is also home to Arlie Boggs Elementary School.
US Post Office -- Eolia, Kentucky

US Post Office -- Eolia, Kentucky

St. Charles, Virginia 24282

Saint Charles is the second westernmost incorporated community in the commonwealth of Virginia, only beat out by Jonesville.
St Charles, Virginia The Saint Charles post office was established in 1908 and named for a local coal and land Baron, Charles Bondurant. St Charles, Virginia
Today the town is home to 116 residents.
St Charles, Virginia St Charles, Virginia

Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

Jonesboro, Illinois
The Jonesboro Illinois Post Office

Jonesboro is a city in Union County, Illinois. Jonesboro is famous for being the location of the third of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, on September 15, 1858. It was named for Doctor Jones, a pioneer settler.

Smith’s Grove, Kentucky 42171

US Post Office -- Smith's Grove, KY
This place has always fascinated me. Not because it is some big interesting town or a place with a neat back story. Its always fascinated me because I live in Smith, Kentucky, and this is Smith’s Grove, Kentucky. Kind of like Harlan and Harlan Crossroads, which is another community I will cover in the blog later that is located near Tompkinsville in Monroe County.
US Post Office -- Smith's Grove, KY
Smith’s Grove is located in rural Warren County. The town was incorprated on March 21, 1872.
Smith's Grove, Kentucky Smith's Grove, Kentucky

College Grove, Tennessee

College Grove is an unincorporated community about 25 miles to the west south west of Murfreesboro on US 31A in Williamson County, Tennessee.
College Grove, TN
Williamson County was formed in 1799 and College Grove was one of the earliest settlements in the county. In the 1880s, College Grove had “100 residents, with three cotton gins, two corn and saw mills, two general stores, and a wagon maker

Wytheville, Virginia 24382

Wytheville is the countyseat of Wythe County Virginia, the self proclaimed crossroads of Southwest Virginia.
US Post Office -- Wytheville, VIrginia
Wytheville is located near the intersection of Interstates 77 and 81. The town and county was named for George Wythe, a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence and Mentor of Thomas Jefferson. The town is also home to Edith Bolling Wilson, the wife of President Woodrow Wilson.

Austinville, Virginia 24312

Austinville, Virginia Post Office
From 1772-1776 the site of Austinville was the home to the now extinct Virginia county known as Fincastle. Fincastle County was created in 1772 and strtched from Botetourt County, Virginia all the way to the Mississippi River, including all of present day Kentucky. Fincastle became extinct in 1776 when the county was split into Washington, Montgomery and Kentucky counties. Austinville is also home to the father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin.

Little Switzerland, North Carolina 28749

Little Switzerland is located in Mitchell and McDowell Counties in Western North Carolina just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The elevation is around 3,200 feet.
Little Switzerland, North Carolina
The immediate area was settled in 1909 and Little Switzerland was founded in 1909. In 1927 the first Post Office was built.

Impossible Project Color Frames Color Set

One of my favorite types of the Polaroid 600 film sold by Impossible Project is the Color Frame Color Film.  I am really happy with the way these photos turned out.  I am slowly tweaking my techniques and realizing what works and what doesn’t with the Polaroid 600 camera and Impossible Project Film.  There is about as much science that goes into using this film as there is photography ideas.  Enjoy.
Color Frame Impossible Project 600
Huntington Park Beach, Newport-News, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse — Williamsburg, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Governor’s Palace — Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Abandoned Grocery Store, Richmond, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Shopping Center United States Post Office, Richmond, Virginia

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Catsburg Country Store near Durham, North Carolina

Color Frame Impossible Project 600Dairy King, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Color Frame Impossible Project 600