Spring Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

IMG_0047I hadnt got the chance to update this page in a while, the weather has been pretty crappy around here lately.  But here is a shot just to keep the page going.  Hopefully the weather will break soon and spring will arrive.



Dayhoit Church of Christ (Now Abandoned)

Dayhoit Church of Christ  (Now Abandoned)

Dayhoit is an area of the county that I am not as familiar with as some other. Sunday, January 19th when I was there, I stumbled upon this church. I could tell the building was quite old. I decided to post the picture on the Harlan County Kentucky friends Facebook page to see if I could get some information. I surely was n luck..

Helen Howard Ellison Thank you Jamie for taking this picture for your album. It is as Chad said, Church of Christ at Dayhoit. This church is in my neighborhood. I would estimate this church to be close to 100 years old. It has been remodeled at one time, but was just a wood siding church. The Army Corp was suppose to take possession of it, but I don’t think it has any one person who might own it. So they just left it. At one time the church bell could be heard all over Dayhoit and Fresh Meadows. I am not for certain if the bell is still in the steeple on the church. This church has withstood every flood since the 1920’s. Even the 77 flood couldn’t take it down