Old Route 3 Bridge — Gale, Illinois

This truss bridge carries old Illinois state route 3 over Sexton Creek near the community of Gale in northern Alexander County, Illinois.

Old Gale Bridge -- Alexander County, Illinois
The bridge was constructed in 1933 and bypassed by the reconstruction of state route 3 to the west in 1990.
Old Gale Bridge -- Alexander County, Illinois
The bridge is 337 feet long and 23 feet wide. It was rehabilitated in 2011
Old Gale Bridge -- Alexander County, Illinois
This bridge is elegible to be considered to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Abandoned Southern Medical Center — Cairo, Illinois

Cairo, Illinois (March 2017) The Southern Medical Center of Cairo was located near the center of the city at the intersection of Cross Street and Cedar Street. Cairo, Illinois (March 2017)
The hospital was originally opened in 1958 as St Mary’s Hospital.
Cairo, Illinois (March 2017) In 1986 the hospital was forced to close its doors and the town has been without a hospital ever since. Cairo, Illinois (March 2017)
When it closed in the mid-1980’s, the buildings were poorly secured. EPA crews found crumbling asbestos piping and floor surfaces containing asbestos, containers of unidentified chemicals and medical equipment containing small amounts of mercury. Medications and medical records were scattered among debris found in the building. Cleanup of this began in April of 2007.
Cairo, Illinois (March 2017)
Cleanup wrapped up in September of 2007. Since that time a Medical office across the street has been demolished as well as a part of the hospital which was used for storing medical wastes. It has long been rumored that the hospital will meet with the wrecking ball soon.