Stony Fork, Kentucky

Stony Fork, Kentucky is a neat community to drive through and check out the relics on the road side.  Stony for is located about 10 miles east of Pineville on Kentucky 221.  Stony Fork is a coal mining camp that was founded in 1908 with the start of the Stony Fork Coal Company.  Many former coal camp houses and even buildings still remain today.
Stony Fork ( Bell Co ) - Kentucky//
I havent been able to confirm, but I am pretty sure this at one time was a Company store and later a general store for the community of Stony Fork. Today, it is for sale.
Stony Fork ( Bell Co ) - Kentucky//
Stony Fork ( Bell Co ) - Kentucky//
Stony Fork ( Bell Co ) - Kentucky//
Stony Fork ( Bell Co ) - Kentucky//
Stony Fork ( Bell Co ) - Kentucky//


Hutch School — Bell County, Kentucky

Hutch School is probably the first abandoned school that I ever noticed as a kid.  It’s not too far from my home and we frequent the road by it and have for years.


Hutch School is located on State Highway 217 about 7 miles northeast of Middlesboro.

Photo courtesy of the Kentuckiana Photo Archive

The school was built by the WPA in 1936.



Today the school stands adjacent to a neighborhood church and has for as long as i can remember.


The schooi is built of stone and I guess that has helped keep this school in such good shape.


Today Im not sure what the church connected next door uses the school building for, or even if they do.


I have no earthly idea as to when this school closed.  As I stated at the beginning of this entry, its been closed as long as I can remember… At least to the 1mid to late 1980s.  As always, if anyone reads this and has information on this school, feel free to comment!



Harmony Elementary School — Bell County, Kentucky


Harmony (or sometimes referred to as Harmony Heights) Elementary School was located in the central part of Bell County off of state route 190 about 5 miles from Pineville.


I havent been able to pinpoint an exact closing or opening date for this building but I would estimate the opening sometime in the mid 1950s and the closing date sometime in the 1990s.   Bell County went through a couple of rounds of school consolidations in the mid to late 90s that lead to the closing of several elementary schools and I think this was one that was effected.


After the school was closed the building was eventually sold to Clear Creek Bible College which is located on property adjacent to this property.


Clear Creek has had plans for several years to remodel the building and use it as administrative offices.


Harmony Elementary’s mascot was the hornet.  As you can tell the college keeps the grass cut and the grounds are well kept at the old school.


The inside of this building has pretty much been gutted of anything of value or that is of fire starting value.


Including the drop ceiling tiles.



It looks as though the building has been cleared of debris.


The building is not secure though, as the back door was standing wide open.


This classroom is located on the back side of the building.


This is the long, main corridor hallway of the building.

Harmony9 This was the kitchen area.


and here is the lunchroom.


Another classroom.  This one has even had the blackboard removed.  This classroom was on the front side of the school.


As you can tell, the back side of the school isnt as well kept as the front side.





**Updated Information**  I have discovered that Harmony closed at the end of the 1999-2000 school year.  That year the school ended with 85 students enrolled.

Buckeye School — Bell County, Kentucky


Today I got out and decided to visit a couple of old schools in Bell County.  One I not only visited, but also got inside.  The other, Buckeye School located in western Bell County was much to my surprise completely gone.  Buckeye School was located on State Route 92 between Pineville and Williamsburg.


Buckeye closed at the end of the 1989 school year.  I originally had thought (assumed) that the school closed when Cubbage and the other schools did, but apparently Buckeye had closed much sooner.  Which makes it pretty amazing that the building stayed standing and empty as long as it did.  Thanks to a few readers who provided this information!  Buckeye2

Luckily, I had taken some pictures of the school in 2008 from the exterior.


Now, the school is nothing but a memory.   As always, if you have any information to add to this entry, please message or comment.